About Us

PPM Fulfillment is a full service warehouse and logistics provider located in Louisville, KY, specializing in the home healthcare market. A logistics background coupled with strategic partnerships allows PPM to revolutionize patient delivery of supplies. By utilizing inventory from our partner manufacturers you will be able to reduce shipping and inventory management costs. These partners have inventory in the PPM Fulfillment warehouse allowing you to move to a “zero inventory” model.

In this age of reduced reimbursements and capped income PPM Fulfillment has solutions to reduce operating costs. The home-care industry has changed from where the dealer made each delivery to one where alternative methods, such as commercial shipping and off site warehousing, must be utilized to maintain profitability.

PPM is acutely aware of the challenges the industry is facing and has developed a warehousing solution that will save money while maintaining high standards of care and customer service. PPM Fulfillment will reduce your warehousing, shipping, and labor requirements by utilizing our services.

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