CPAP Fulfillment

PPM Fulfillment partners with manufacturers to assist Home Medical Equipment Companies in drop shipping CPAP supplies to their patients. Our service allows HME companies to reduce, or in some cases eliminate, parts of their inventory and only pay for the supplies as requested. The manufacturers place inventory in our warehouse and then when we ship, upon your request, the manufacturer invoices you for the product. Since PPM is not a distributor that buys/sells inventory, the item pricing you have with the vendor is the same pricing when shipped by PPM. PPM Fulfillment will also manage your owned inventory including bulk orders, such as end of quarter purchases, and returned packages that come to our warehouse instead of your facility.

PPM Fulfillment can receive orders utilizing numerous methods. If you are using a call center to gather orders such as CMB Solutions, Medsage or iAssist then we can receive orders directly through their systems. We are integrated with Brightree and have the ability to accept orders through a secure server (SFTP) or via our secure website by using flat files. In addition we have a manual order entry system that allows you to input orders to our website.

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