Do you buy or sell inventory?

No, we have inventory on a consignment basis from many manufacturing companies. Please click here for a complete list of participating manufacturers.

Will you carry our inventory if we utilize a manufacturing company that is not part of your consigned inventory?

Yes, we can store and ship your inventory if we don’t carry a particular product. We will also store and ship excess inventory of yours that we also carry on consignment.

Can you integrate with our Billing Software?

In most cases we can. We currently have integrations with Brightree and TIMS Software.  Both systems automatically pass orders to PPM and receive tracking numbers back into their systems.  It is fully automated.  If you do not have either system then a simple rule to go by is if your billing software allows for exporting of files, we can normally integrate to provide a seamless transfer of patient orders.

Are you integrated with any Call Centers?

Yes, we are integrated with ResMed Resupply, Brightree Connect (via Brightree integration), medSage, CMB Solutions, S3 (Sleep Solutions & Services) and iAssist.

Can you supply our branches with goods?

Absolutely we can. Orders will be pulled from manufacturer’s inventory and PPM will ship to the branches.

What is the setup process and how long does it take?

Once an agreement has been executed the setup process generally takes about one (1) week. Orders received during this time can be stored for fulfillment and will be processed once all setup information is received and approved. If we need to perform integration with your software, it is usually performed in one to two weeks depending on the level of cooperation between your software provider, your IT department, and PPM.

Will PPM validate ship to addresses to ensure accuracy?

Yes, every order that is sent to PPM will require an address validation. If it fails it will be placed in an Address Corrections tab on our Order Management System and each morning there is an email sent detailing what orders are currently holding for address corrections. Customers can edit and correct addresses at anytime. This process eliminates numerous miss shipments or non deliverable packages saving you money and time.

Does our manufacturer/distributor sales representative get credit for our purchases?

Yes they do. We run reports for the manufacturers and distributors so your local rep continues to receive credit for your purchases. No patient information is shared with these companies.

How do we get invoiced by the manufacturer for products that we have PPM ship?

PPM will distribute a usage report to the manufacturers weekly. Manufacturing companies will then bill you at your already established pricing with the company. PPM will not be involved in your product pricing or terms.

Are there any startup fees?

No, there are no startup fees.

Can you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

Yes, we also have Saturday delivery as well.

Do we get a delivery confirmation?

Yes, we assure you will receive delivery confirmations on all packages shipped. If signatures are required we will pass the carriers cost to you on those packages.

Are there Packing Lists included?

Yes, all packages will be shipped with a packing list indicating your name, logo, and your contact information if there are questions from your patient.

How is the product packaged?

PPM uses new packaging materials. We will use our expertise in determining the best package material unless otherwise directed by you.

What is the turnaround time for shipments?

We ship orders within 24 hours of receipt as long as order is placed before 3:00 PM ET.

What if a product (shipment) is lost or damaged?

Packages are insured up to a maximum of $100 or actual replacement value if less than $100. Additional insurance can be obtained for an additional fee.

Are we locked into a contract or time commitment?

Though we do execute a contract with our customers there is nothing that require you to use our services for a specified length of time.

What security measures are in place?

The warehouse itself is protected by a monitored alarm system and a sprinkler system. Our warehouse management system utilizes high level security features including 128-bit VeriSign SSL Certification and 1024-bit RSA public keys. These security features are similar to what you would find in most bank networking and computer systems and US Military Defense Contractor’s networking and computer systems.

Are the products insured in the warehouse?

Yes, we carry insurance on the goods within our warehouse. PPM regularly evaluates our insurance coverage limits to ensure adequate coverage is in place at all times.

Should I place your warehouse on my insurance?

It is not necessary; however, it can be done. The decision to do so would be solely at the discretion of the customer and whether they carry “off site” insurance. Since we insure all products in our warehouse any claims would be made against our insurance. Many companies do carry off site insurance which could provide additional protection in the event of a loss.

Whose return address appears on the package?

Return addresses can be handled one of two ways. If you want to have PPM handle undeliverable packages we can place our return address on the package. It would read: “Your Company Name” and 3703 Collins Lane, Louisville, KY 40245. We can also place your return address on the label so undeliverable packages can be returned to your location. There are fees for PPM handling returns which can be discussed with your sales associate or account representative.

What is the delivery time for packages?

Typically 3-5 Business Days, depending on where the patient is located in the country.

Where is your warehouse located?

Our warehouse is located at 3703 Collins Lane, Louisville, KY 40245.