Inventory Management

PPM Fulfillment does not buy or sell any product which means that we currently store inventory on behalf of the vendors. However, if your company has any inventory that you would like to use, but not store at your location, then it can be sent to PPM Fulfillment. This allows PPM Fulfillment customers to utilize consignment and owned inventory in their orders. This type of inventory can be any items currently at your location or inventory purchased from a vendor and sent directly to the PPM Warehouse. When PPM Fulfillment receives inventory we will record all of the Lot Numbers, Serial Numbers, and quantities of the items. Once items are received, our system will automatically scan your Owned Inventory and pull from that stock, if the item is not there then we will move back to consignment inventory.

Package Returns are treated much like inventory sent to PPM Fulfillment. When a package ships from PPM, the return address has your company name but our PPM warehouse address. This means that all returned packages come to our warehouse instead of your doorstep. Once a package is returned PPM will notify your company of the order, items, and quantities sent back. Once received those items will be stored in your inventory to be used on future orders.

If you would like more information on PPM Fulfillment’s Inventory Management then please contact