Patient Contact

Philips-medSage is the leading cloud based patient communication software tool utilized by HME providers.  Developed to assist busy clinicians and staff, voice based recognition software identifies patients requiring clinical follow up and timely communication increases the opportunity for appropriate supply replenishment.  Phillips-medSage integrates with many billing software programs and directly with PPM Fulfillment.
IAssist, provided by Echo 3 Solutions, offers comprehensive compliance calling to your new-to-PAP Therapy patients.  We help them overcome obstacles, present disease education, and also educate them about proper cleaning and replacement of supplies.  A Compliant patient is a patient who will reorder supplies!  IAssist also offers quarterly calling of patients who are in need of supplies.  Both our Compliance and Resupply calls are done by live callers based in Indianapolis, IN, because your patients appreciate and prefer to speak to a live person.
CMB Solutions’ core business is designed to preserve client’s resources, while integrating the network of providers tied to a patient. CMB Solutions’ technology driven, flexible patient management programs, are built around direct patient contact using hybrid communications model that is based on IVR, Email, SMS, and Live Coaches and focused on measurable results.
Resupply is an important part of patient therapy that allows providers to improve patient comfort and deliver long-term effective therapy. ResMed ReSupply is an automated patient communication and management solution that gives healthcare providers a way to effectively build and manage their patient populations. It combines a robust patient outreach program, an online platform for equipment providers and an online patient portal that helps users complete their wellness checkup and supply order. The online platform lets you manage and monitor your patients in one easy-to-use location, including setting up the patient outreach method you prefer. It also provides weekly reports that allow you to track the volume of orders coming in and ensures compliance with regulatory standards for the resupply of Medicare patients.