Medical Resupply


When It Comes to
Shipping for the Home
Healthcare Market,
We Get It

Experts in Medical Supply

A logistics background coupled with strategic partnerships revolutionizes resupply delivery to patients.

Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency

Reduce labor, inventory and freight costs while improving inventory management.

Trust in Every Shipment

Email notification with tracking information and proof of delivery with every order.

Marketing Inserts

We will add marketing materials to your shipments to expand retail opportunities with your customers.

Specializing in Home Medical Resupply

PPM Fulfillment will reduce your warehousing, shipping, and labor requirements by utilizing inventory from our partner manufacturers. This will allow you to move to a “zero inventory” model which will reduce shipping and inventory management costs.

Access to Consignment Inventory From Leading Manufacturers

Software Integration

Billing software integrations enable our customers to easily order patient medical resupplies.  Combining these integrations with our customizable software solutions allows for a wide range of choices.   We can also provide your developers our API documentation for even more customization.

Call Center Integrations

Our patient contact partners make communication easy. We recognize that Resupply orders are an important part of patient therapy. Our integrations with these companies allow you to utilize their tools such as online patient portals, voice-based recognition software, live callers, and flexible patient management programs while still insuring consistent resupply shipments.

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